Founded in 2005, E.L.K. Capital Advisors is a registered broker-dealer specializing in debt and equity capital raising, institutional fund placement and M&A advisory services.


  • Privately held businesses / transaction sponsors
  • Senior, mezzanine and structured debt securities
  • Minority and control equity structures; joint ventures
  • Leveraged recapitalizations
  • Late-stage VC, Growth Capital, LBO and Acquisition Financing
  • Proven ability to secure optimal capital partners
  • PE, Private Credit, VC, Real Estate managers
  • Managers seeking institutional LP capital
  • Spin-out teams from PE firms and family offices
  • Multi-LP fund raises; single-LP MSAs/JVs; club deals
  • Managers seeking new platforms and commitments
  • Select fund of funds strategies and co-investments
  • Objective, aligned and highly experienced advice
  • Buy-side, sell-side and recapitalization transactions
  • Sale of asset pools, secondary LP interests
  • Targeted financial and strategic investor/buyer relationships
  • The Principals are making the buyer calls, in most cases to longstanding relationships


A Powerful — Yet Flexible — Execution Model

  • Reputation for integrity and fair dealing
  • Objective, aligned and highly experienced advice
  • Principals do not delegate critical tasks
  • We will NOT engage unless we have high conviction and relevant expertise
  • Flexible engagement terms

Our Clients and Investors

  • Client relationships are typically cultivated over many years where we have been engaged in serial transactions.
  • Clients are almost always referred in, often by multiple parties, and highly referenced; cold calls are rarely pursued.
  • We often invest in our clients, offer flexible fee arrangements, and asked to sit on Boards and/or remain an active advisor to the client.
  • We maintain hundreds of core investor/buyer relationships often stretching over 20 years.
  • Investors engage with E.L.K. in part due to our history of ethical dealing and working with high quality client opportunities.