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Private Fund Placement

E.L.K.'s fund manager relationships are principally based upon many years of close working relationships and extensive referral networks of the Principals. The level of mutual trust and transparency typically developed over a long period of time provides E.L.K. a highly effective means of completing due diligence that is often well recognized by its investors. E.L.K.’s manager relationships are often built upon referrals from prior E.L.K. clients and past relationships of the Principals.

Its clients are sourced from longstanding relationships with equity sponsors, venture capital firms, corporate executives, family offices, institutional investors/buyers and other financial intermediaries. Very seldom does E.L.K. represent groups that it has not known directly for many years, or through multiple indirect referencing touch points. Our engagements are highly flexible and our Principals are involved in all phases of diligence, preparation and distribution. We typically work on only one or two engagements at a time, giving our clients our full attention and best execution.

E.L.K.’s fund raising client types include:

  • Emerging managers with fund sizes in the range of $100-$300MM
  • "Spin-off" groups from highly regarded firms
  • Targeted strategies and concentrated vertical themes in the range of $50-200MM
  • Second or third series funds seeking to build their institutional investor base
  • "Fundless sponsors" or family-controlled groups that are seeking co-investor capital

E.L.K. maintains longstanding relationships with thousands of investors, of which it designs each fund raise and investor target universe against the specific strategy such that it operates in a "rifle shot" manner as to be as efficient as possible.

Our investor relationships include:

  • Deep penetration and credibility in the family office marketplace
  • Consultants and private wealth management firms
  • Endowments, foundations, corporate and public pension plans
  • Fund-of-funds managers focusing on emerging and middle markets

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